Little Good Harbor
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An award winning penthouse

46 feet above sea level with spectacular sea views in all directions this luxury penthouse of unsurpassed quality overlooks the beach to the west and the resort's swimming lagoon to the south.
  An award winning penthouse [LGH1000011]

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Floor Plan  Floor Plan
Specifications  Specifications
Category:   Gated communities
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 4
Available For Rent: YES
Available For Sale: YES
Amenities  Amenities
  • BEACH FRONT      
  • BREAKFAST      
  • CEILING FANS      
  • FAX      
  • TELEPHONE      
  • WASHER/DRYER      
  • Pricing  Pricing
    Rent Price:   120.00
    Sale Price: 56000.00
    Video  Video


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